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Closed-loop coffee cup recycling

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Do you know at Curtin alone 800,000 disposable cups are being used a year? Where do they go?

You may have noticed when you have gone to recycle disposable cups that they are not recyclable. While it is important that you move away from disposables and bring your reusable items to campus with you, sometimes it just doesn’t work out for whatever reason.

With those 800,000 cups a year at Curtin it’s important to maintain sustainable waste management practices across campus and ensure we divert cups away from landfills as best we can.

Curtin students and staff now have specific bins to recycle their disposable coffee cups! Curtin has partnered with Cleanaway to bring Simply Cups bins across campus. The company is Australia’s first coffee cup recycling program, allowing businesses and schools to close the loop on coffee cups. This recycling program makes it easy for you to dispose of your cups and lids which then get shredded and upcycled into products such as outdoor furniture and concrete. The first station will be at the Guild Café Central with more coming soon. Check out this video on the closed-loop cycle at Simply Cups:

Great work has already taken place with Curtin Guild’s introduction of greener coffee cups at their food outlets across campus as well as many other initiatives.  If you want to keep these cups out of landfills make sure you vote with your actions by using the new station every time you end up with a disposable coffee cup.

Interested in improving sustainability at Curtin? Over June we wrote five articles on different sustainability topics. Check out the whole series:

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