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Bridging Cultures, Building Understanding and Resolving Conflict with Robert

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Robert Haca smiling at the camera

Meet Robert, a proactive and intellectually curious student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Security and Strategic Studies. 

Originally from Hong Kong, Robert moved to Australia at the age of 17, bringing with him a profound fascination with war and its history. This fascination has guided him to dedicate his studies to peace and conflict resolution. Throughout Robert’s academic pursuits, he has been driven by educating himself on as much global affairs knowledge as he possibly can. He chose his degree program because he believes that understanding the historical, political, and social dynamics of war is crucial in today’s world, where geopolitical tensions and conflicts persist. 

Looking back on Robert’s university experience is evident that he enjoys learning from a vast array of experiences both personally and professionally. Robert deeply values the interactive and collaborative nature of his degree program, particularly the group simulations where students work together to solve complex crises. These simulations not only sharpen his analytical and problem-solving skills but also provide a platform for stimulating discussions and exchanges of ideas with his peers. Personally, Robert spends his free time participating in extra-curricular activities, he is a member of the Curtin Singers and the Curtin International Relations Society, where he engages with like-minded peers who share his passion for global issues. 

Full immersion and experience are what Robert has been chasing, “I advise my first-year self to step out of my comfort zone, not to worry too much about the future, and to enjoy the present moment”, whether it is through clubs or active participation in simulations, Robert thrives in situations where he is present and contributing, “Moving to campus in 2023 was a major highlight of my university journey, allowing me to fully immerse myself in campus culture, attend events held by my dorm at Kurrajong Village, and join social sports like basketball, netball, and volleyball.”

Robert’s keen interest in global affairs aligns with his lifelong goal of extensive travel. He had a preview of this ambition when he received the New Colombo Plan scholarship, which allowed him to explore opportunities in Indonesia. This scholarship reflects Roberts’s proactive approach to seeking out immersive experiences that broaden his perspective and feed his passion. During his time in Indonesia, Robert participated in the East Java Exploration program, where he not only explored the cultural richness of the country but also collaborated on a smart city project with local students. This experience reinforced his belief in the value of cross-cultural exchange and the importance of understanding different perspectives in a globalised world.

Looking ahead, Robert is open to diverse career paths that align with his interests and values, “After graduation, I aspire to work in a graduate program, possibly in Canberra or Perth, and to travel extensively, with potential destinations including Hong Kong, the UK, Europe, and Spain”. While he is uncertain about his exact career trajectory, he is eager to contribute however he can to global affairs.

Robert’s journey as a student of Security and Strategic Studies exemplifies a deep commitment to understanding and resolving global conflicts. His passion for learning and his proactive approach to seeking immersive experiences demonstrate a profound dedication to contributing positively to the world. 

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