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Beyond the Books: Lawrence’s Unconventional Journey in the World of Finance, Engineering, and Motorsports

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Image for Beyond the Books: Lawrence’s Unconventional Journey in the World of Finance, Engineering, and Motorsports

“Uni isn’t just about studying. It’s a lifestyle.” Meet Lawrence, a finance and mechanical engineering student who strives to go beyond simply getting past the finish line.

Ever since he was young, Lawrence has been fascinated by motorsports, which sparked his interest in pursuing a degree in engineering. After looking at various uni courses online, Lawrence knew that Curtin was the right place for him to explore that passion.

With hands-on tutorials and engaging team projects, Lawrence has loved developing his soft skills while working side-by-side with his peers.

But for Lawrence, uni hasn’t just been about getting his degree.

As an engineer curious about the mechanics behind race cars, Lawrence signed up to be a part of @curtinmotorsport. By joining CMT, Lawrence extended his education beyond the classroom as he learnt how to use simulation software to design aerodynamic car parts.

On top of his studies, Lawrence has also interned at an engineering firm and a start-up company where he helped design a lunar rover. But Lawrence’s favourite extracurricular adventure was when he travelled almost 1,000 kilometres east with Curtin Volunteers! to help the Indigenous community who live in the remote town of Laverton. “It was such an eye-opening experience!”

An equally rewarding and challenging experience has been Lawrence’s journey working on his thesis. Taking inspiration from his time with CMT, Lawrence’s research explores new techniques in optimising airplane aerodynamics.

As a self-professed perfectionist, Lawrence at times struggled to reconcile his high expectations of himself with the reality that he was attempting groundbreaking research within a relatively short time frame.

“It’s a lot of unknowns… After all, not all problems can be solved.”

What motivated Lawrence to keep going was not only his supportive network of friends, but the certainty that his research would help improve aeronautics for the better.

This passion for improving the lives of others is something that Lawrence hopes to continue cultivating after he graduates. Along with travelling the world, Lawrence dreams of living in Europe and “finding a job that I truly, truly love and am passionate about.”

Having recently handed in his thesis, we asked Lawrence if there was anything he wished he knew earlier on in his academic career.

“It’s not about getting the perfect answer every time. It’s about finding the right approach and having the right mindset.” We couldn’t agree more!

As a proud Curtin graduate, Lawrence’s journey continues to inspire and remind us that university is not just about earning a degree but embracing a lifestyle of curiosity, passion, and dedication to making a meaningful impact on the world. Congratulations, Lawrence!

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