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The Best Cafes To Study At On Campus

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Students smiling at a cafe

It’s no secret that some of us need a morning coffee to begin the day and wake us up after a long night of study. But finding the perfect spot to study isn’t just about the availability of caffeine; it’s about the ambiance, vibes, and location.

At Curtin the on-campus options are plentiful, each offering a great selection of coffee and snacks. But the real questions is, where is your go-to? We’ve compiled a list of some of our top spots, and our picks for some of the best cafes to study in on the Perth campus.

Concept, Building 106G

Let’s face it, no uni could function without a central coffee hub. Located super close to the middle of campus, Concept Coffee Co has both indoor and outdoor seating options, hot coffee, pastries, wraps, cakes, salads and more.

There are big windows (aka lots of natural light), and the plants add the serenity needed for your study breaks. Concept is a guild café, so they offer 10% off with your student card when it’s registered with the guild! Concept is open from 7am-4pm from Monday to Friday.

Our Tip: In the back corner of Concept there is a free library nook, where you can borrow books to bring home, or leave your own for others to take and read! It’s a great way to try out books that others have liked, as well as contributing to a sustainable second-hand reading culture!

Mallokup, Building 210

Mallokup is home to all the essentials for a sweet treat run. It also serves up home-made baked goods, barista-made coffee, croissants, classic hot meals and a mean iced coffee with ice-cream (the best kind).

The loaded cookies, donuts, cinnamon scrolls, waffles, and ice-cream taste even better with your 10% Guild member discount.

With the seating located outside under the canopy of the trees lining the area, the seats and tables are in shade most of the day, making it the perfect place to revise if you prefer the outdoor study sessions.  Mallokup is open from 7am- 5pm from Monday to Friday.

Our Tip: This spot is closer to the south end of campus, so if you’re in taking a break in between classes, be sure to leave early to make your way back to class in time!

Sinnamon, Building 418

Located in the Exchange precinct, the pastry experts at Sinnamon provide the best cinnamon buns, pastries, coffee and on-tap butterbeer. There are comfy armchairs, as well as bar stools that line the windows, making it the perfect spot to procrastinate and people watch. Sinnamon also houses some classic green and gold library lamps, creating the perfect study environment. They are open Monday to Friday, from 8am-6pm.

Our Tip: If you are sensitive to noise when you study, bring headphones or earplugs. Sinnamon plays music inside, so if you find that distracting, come prepared. But if you like background noise instead of silence whilst you write your lecture notes, then this is the place for you!

Extra Tip: Be sure to activate your Guild student discount on your student card here. All Curtin students are automatically members of the Guild and it’s completely free! As a Guild member you are eligible for a 10% discount at all Guild cafes, The Tav and G Mart when you scan your student card.

These are just three of our top cafes, so be sure to check out other on campus food and drink, options available at the Exchange Precinct, Guild cafes and outlets and the food truck timetables. The coffee, the comfort and your preference for a specific ambiance are all personal so good luck on your journey of finding the perfect study spot!

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