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Become job and future-ready with 23 Things!   

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If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that technologies like artificial intelligence and social media are shaping our lives and continue to change our connected online society. There are a lot of opportunities to use these technologies and other digital skills in your future work, so it’s important to understand the basics – no matter how human-centred your field is!   

We’ve gathered five key skills to help you navigate this ever-evolving landscape, courtesy of 23 Things, the Library’s online digital skills program. All suggested modules are designed to equip you with the necessary skills to optimise your study, work and life and are free to complete anywhere at any time.   

Universal design  

Universal design is all about designing products and environments so all people can access and use them, regardless of age, disability and other factors.  From captions to increased text size or voice commands, chances are you’re already familiar with universal design concepts in your day-to-day life.  

Think about how convenient and efficient these elements make your day. Now, consider how beneficial these measures would be for someone with specific access requirements or barriers. Whether designing for education or recreation, it’s important to consider inclusivity measures from the beginning.   

The Accessibility module introduces you to the concepts of digital accessibility. It helps identify ways to build a more accessible digital world for the people around you.   

Data analysis and presentation  

Never has there been so much data readily available. Whether you’re a numbers wiz or not, you’ll come across some form of data in your future career. If you’re new to data, Demystifying Data is focused on helping you understand what it is, how it’s used and how to interpret it.   

However, ensuring your data is readable and insightful is also important. Data makeover is all about data visualisation: learn how to use graphs, tables and interactive displays to see connections, gain insights and tell stories. Or, try the Visual Communication module to discover how to turn it into infographics.  

Digital security  

Many people don’t realise how much personal data they provide when simply browsing the internet. With recent data breaches and phishing scams, making informed decisions about sharing information and staying safe online is more important than ever. At a base level, you should ensure you’re familiar with strong passwords and two-factor authentication – if you’re not there yet try the Digital Defence module.  

The second step is ensuring you take the measures to keep your data as safe as possible. Discover how to stay alert for scams, phishing attacks and other security threats, and ways to protect your computer with the Digital Security module.   

File organisation  

How many tabs do you have open right now? Can you find what you need easily? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of digital content that fills our lives. From lack of storage on phones to a messy download folder and countless unread notifications, navigating our digital backlog can be a nightmare.   

Digital Declutter will help you take stock of what’s important and get you on top of your digital life. Start with strong organisation; you’ll be set for whatever work and life throws at you.   

You may also be familiar with collaborating and storing files online via the cloud. If not, it’s time to get around it, as it’s a key skill for workplace efficiency. Discover how to optimise your life with The Cloud module.   

Re-use and remixing  

Memes are everywhere, reels edit and re-use songs, and sampling in music is a frequent trend. It’s very easy to copy, download, mash up and remix content and then re-publish it on the web as your own. But who owns the rights to the video and audio – and are you actually breaking the law when you make a TikTok? Are you allowed to use these for commercial purposes?   

Understanding copyright is important to help you give and receive credit where it’s due (and to avoid getting yourself into hot water!). The Remixing module is particularly important for content creators.   

In addition to these skills, 23 Things has many other digital skills available to pick up freely at your leisure. If you complete a certain amount of modules within a specific time, you can earn yourself a Curtin Extra certificate on graduation.  

For more information check out the 23 Things website.

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