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5 tips to help you prepare for exams

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It’s that time of the semester again – you’re at the homestretch and almost done. The last thing to do? Finish your exams!

Preparing for your exams doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Get out of the mindset that your entire life is dependent on one exam

Yes, we know it’s hard for the high-achievers, but remember exam marks don’t equate to self-worth. Keeping some perspective will help you be calmer and more collected, which will significantly help with your studies and performance in exams.

2. Narrow down what you need to focus on

Some students skip this step, but it can be a big help. You just need to sit down, put some music on, go through the list of topics that you have learned throughout the semester and decide which areas you will need to do more study in or start first. It may be tempting to start with the easy stuff and content you’re already confident in, but it’s best to focus your study on what you actually need to revise.

3. Look at your textbooks and worksheets if you struggle to find practice questions

Practice makes perfect! If you can’t find any practice questions for your exams, you can redo questions from your textbooks and worksheets on your own – it’s a great way to check your knowledge and find any gaps that you need to revise. It’s also worth checking the Library’s collection of past exam papers to see if there’s one for your units.

4. It’s normal to feel some stress

Having some stress can help you stay motivated throughout exams. However, if stress is making you feel anxious or is having a negative impact on your studies and life, there is help available through Curtin’s Student Wellbeing Advisory service.

5. Give yourself time to relax before exams

It’s tempting to do as much as you can on the day before the exam, but try to give yourself some breathing space. You’ve done enough, and you deserve some rest. This will help you avoid last minute panicking – a problem some students face, which affects their ability to think during the exam.

If you need some extra help getting ready for exams, you may like to check out the Library’s guide to taking tests and exams.

Good luck!


Written by Amber Nguyen

Peer Academic Mentor and Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) student majoring in Chemistry.

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