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5 reasons to try out the Makerspace

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Student using a VR machine

There’s far more to student life than free sausage sizzles and attending lectures. Have you heard of the Curtin Library Makerspace? It’s a hidden gem for innovation, creative learning and play through making.

Of all the cool places to explore at Curtin, the Makerspace is a must and here’s why:

  1. Take a guilt-free play break

Whether you’re in search of a creative outlet or simply something to do before your next class, the Makerspace is a great place to de-stress and refresh. If you’ve got a few hours to spare, we can get you started with a 3D print job. Otherwise, the badge, magnet and keyring maker is a favourite as it takes less than five minutes of your time.

Painting, embroidery, LEGOs, card making, filming – you name it! We’ve got a vast collection of maker-y goodies to take your mind off that assignment you have due.

  1. Learn a new skill   

If you’re interested in developing your digital skills and knowledge, we’ve got a program called 23 Things which covers topics such as video editing and coding. There are online modules as well as workshops you can attend – all of which are completely free and self-paced. Did I mention it’s also part of Curtin Extra?

If you’re interested in hands-on arts and crafts or tinkering with electronics, there’s plenty of materials and equipment at your disposal in the Makerspace. From beads and clay to Raspberry Pi and Arduinos to a robot watercolouring machine, who knows what you’ll discover from simply being in the space.

Even if you’ve never touched a sewing machine or feel intimidated by the thought of laser cutting, we’ve got a friendly crew of staff who will happily help you navigate the space and equipment.

  1. Meet people

Made for students, you’re bound to meet new faces while being in the Makerspace. The first person you’ll most likely meet and be greeted with is a staff member. Sometimes, they may blend in with other students using the space, but you can spot them with their staff badge.

If you haven’t made it along to a club event, the Makerspace may be a good alternative to meeting new people from different disciplines and backgrounds.

  1. Be yourself

You don’t need to be an expert because we’re all learners in the space. You can create and make as you feel in a safe, all-inclusive and judgement-free environment. We’re here to support you!

  1. Play with expensive gadgets

Let’s be real. Unless you’re invested into 3D printing, who can really afford a 3D printer? A major perk of being in the Makerspace is that you get the opportunity to explore a wide range of otherwise costly equipment all for free! Before hopping on Amazon for a Cricut Maker or to JB-HiFi for a Wacom tablet, check out the Makerspace first.

The Makerspace is located in TL Robertson Library on level 3 and is open from Monday to Friday 9am – 5 pm. If you’d like learn more, check out our website.

Hope to see you there!

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