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5 reasons to check out 23 Things

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23 Things is an online course created by Curtin Library to help you develop your digital skills and knowledge. Examples of the things covered include coding, video editing and digital storytelling. The course is free, and anyone, from anywhere can participate.

Here are five reasons why you should take part in 23 Things:

Learn new and practical skills

As a recent Curtin graduate myself, I have found that many of the skills taught in the 23 Things programs are skills that employers are looking for in graduates. The 23 Things program has been developed with the mission of improving the digital competency of participants. What’s on offer is a set of online modules and creative challenges that can help you develop the digital capabilities you need for successful study, work and life.

It’s made by students for students

23 Things has been developed as a collaboration between Curtin students and staff members, centring the personal experience and needs of students. The program reflects the skills that have helped students succeed in their studies, so you can be sure that the content will be relevant to your experience. Curtin students from diverse disciplines and backgrounds have created the content and assist in running the program.

Get out of your comfort zone

Just because some of the modules might not relate to what you’re studying or your career aspirations doesn’t mean they’re not worth trying. With 23 Things, you can push past your comfort zone and try something completely new.  Who knows, you might just pick up a new lifelong hobby.

Having a diverse set of skills is a great way to stand out amongst other people in your industry and offer a unique perspective. There’s no reason why you can’t be an engineer with a passion for graphic design, a doctor who loves to code or an accountant who is skilled at video editing.

It’s self-paced

The 23 Things program lets you take things at your own pace and work around your own schedule. The modules are all available from the get-go, so if you like you can jump straight into learning the things that you want to learn. You can complete as much or as little as you like, anytime, anywhere – it’s all up to you.

Obtain a Curtin Extra Certificate

The 23 Things program is Curtin Extra certified, so by completing a selection of modules and creative challenges, you can become eligible to receive a Curtin Extra Certificate when you graduate.

A Curtin Extra Certificate provides you with official recognition of your involvement in co-curricular activities that you can use as a tool to articulate your skills and experiences to potential employers. It’s a great way to set you apart from your peers when looking for a job.


If you’d like to learn more about the 23 Things program you can find more information and sign up on our website.


Written by Cameron Kerr, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), Bachelor of Science (Electronics & Communications Engineering and Computer Science Double Degree) graduate and Library Student Assistant, Makerspace

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