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NHMRC funding for new Curtin research from Alzheimer’s to phobias

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Curtin University’s health and medical research received a significant boost in the latest funding round from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

The University is involved in projects that have been awarded more than $10 million, including two major projects being led by Telethon Kids Institute.

The Curtin-led research projects include a study examining a new treatment for damage to the central nervous system caused by head and spinal injuries, as well as Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

The new funding will also support a pilot project to address relapses in the treatment of anxiety disorders such as fears and phobias, as well as the development of a smartphone app to support breastfeeding women in Vietnam following a caesarean birth.

Curtin University Vice-Chancellor Professor Deborah Terry congratulated all recipients, adding the NHMRC funding would support research into health issues affecting various members of the community.

“Curtin research projects that have been supported by NHMRC funding will help people living with head and spinal injuries, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, liver disease and crippling anxiety disorders such as phobias,” Professor Terry said.

“The University is committed to advancing research that will make a difference to people locally, nationally and internationally, and this funding from NHMRC will support a range of important health research.”

The Curtin-led projects funded under the NHMRC grants include:

  • A trial to support the informal caregivers of older people discharged home from hospital
  • Designing a new treatment for central nervous system injuries and diseases, such as head and spinal injuries as well as Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis
  • Developing a new therapeutic strategy to prevent the progression of chronic liver disease
  • A pilot study strengthening the extinction of human fear to reduce the relapse of phobias
  • A smartphone app to support breastfeeding for Vietnamese women following a caesarean section

Curtin researchers are also working with the Telethon Kids Institute on two additional NHMRC-funded projects, which received a total of $5.5 million, including a ground-breaking food allergy mixed vaccine trial and a study investigating lung function tests for children and young people with neuromuscular disease.

Curtin researchers will also work with Monash University on two statin trials and a data linkage study of the health, social and economic implications of risk-taking in adolescence, funded by NHMRC grants.

NHMRC administers funding for health and medical research on behalf of the Australian Government, and invites researchers in Australia to apply for funding through schemes ranging from scholarships to research programs.

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