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Campus and global community

App to enable early diagnosis and intervention for speech impairment

Curtin researchers will investigate the use of a web-based assessment application for the early and accurate detection of speech impairment,…


New health professional training blueprint to transform chronic pain care

Researchers have developed a new national blueprint to help health professionals support the one in five Australians living with chronic…

Campus and global community

‘Virtual clinician and coach’ to help young people with chronic pain

Curtin researchers will develop a system that uses artificial intelligence to provide fast and personalised care for young people living…

Campus and global community

New Curtin research resurrects ‘lost’ coral species

With about one-third of the world’s corals currently under threat of extinction due to climate change, Curtin researchers have made…

Campus and global community

Curtin teams with NASA JPL spin-off Chascii in spacecraft optical communications

Researchers will work to deliver the first-ever optical communications from a 1U CubeSat based on the technology behind WA’s Binar-1…


Curtin blazes a trail for resources research commercialisation

Curtin University has been named the first of Australia’s Trailblazer universities to receive a share of more than $242 million…

Campus and global community

Mobile device use can help or hinder bonding with babies in the womb

New Curtin research has found how and why parents used mobile devices during pregnancy was an important factor in whether…

Data science

Data scientists turn a new page for open-access books

A Curtin University team of data scientists and software developers will help take open-access books to a sophisticated digital future…

Campus and global community

Astronomers detect galactic space laser

A powerful radio-wave laser, called a ‘megamaser’, has been observed by the MeerKAT telescope in South Africa. The record-breaking find…


Federal funding boost for Curtin project to help at-risk youth

A Curtin University youth crime prevention project will receive almost $1.5 million in federal funding announced today by Federal Minister…

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