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Renowned physicist inducted into Western Australian Science Hall of Fame

A world-leading expert in the field of atomic collisions and theoretical physics has been inducted into the Western Australian Science…

Campus and global community

Comet impacts formed continents when Solar System entered galactic arms

New Curtin research has found evidence that Earth’s early continents resulted from being hit by comets as our Solar System…

Energy transition

New Curtin Institute to tackle the transition to sustainable energy

A new institute that aims to train and support the next generation of energy opportunity hunters to enable the transition…

Campus and global community

Curtin University in world’s top one percent of universities

Curtin University is again ranked in the world’s top one percent of universities and ninth in Australia, according to the…

Campus and global community

Study finds evidence that giant meteorite impacts created the continents

New Curtin research has provided the strongest evidence yet that Earth’s continents were formed by giant meteorite impacts that were…

Earth science

Earth’s ancient water cycle was key to making continents, study shows

A new Curtin University study has found that water was transported much deeper in the early Earth than previously thought,…

Climate change & conservation

Supervolcano study finds CO2 emissions key to avoiding climate disasters

The speed and volume of carbon dioxide emitted from supervolcanoes controlled the severity of past environmental crises on Earth, a…

Campus and global community

Whole-of-sector collaboration to tackle challenges facing WA agriculture

Curtin University is part of a new agricultural science collaboration aimed at boosting Western Australia’s agricultural research and development capabilities…


Study confirms ED cases spike after Australian bushfires

New research has – for the first time – found a direct link between people’s exposure to bushfire smoke and…

Data science

Curtin-developed machine learning ‘phones home’ for famous Martian rock

New Curtin-led research has pinpointed the exact home of the oldest and most famous Martian meteorite for the first time…

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