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Biology and marine biology

Study finds blowing bubbles among echidna’s tricks to beat the heat

Curtin University research into how echidnas might respond to a warming climate has found clever techniques used by the animal…

Climate change & conservation

New unusual bee species discovered with dog-like snout

A new native bee species with a dog-like “snout” has been discovered in Perth bushland though Curtin-led research that sheds…

Climate change & conservation

Supervolcano study finds CO2 emissions key to avoiding climate disasters

The speed and volume of carbon dioxide emitted from supervolcanoes controlled the severity of past environmental crises on Earth, a…

Climate change & conservation

Curtin students and industry team up to solve key sustainability challenges

Curtin University students have joined forces with industry to help solve sustainability challenges on fast fashion, renewable energy, water management…

Climate change & conservation

Light technology recreates ‘log castles’ to save homeless lizards

Wooden ‘castles’ that house families of endangered Western Spiny-tailed Skinks attract feral and native predators, as Curtin researchers use light-detection…

Climate change & conservation

Environmental scientist named Dean of Sustainable Futures at Curtin

Curtin University has appointed one of Australia’s most recognised sustainability practitioners as its first Dean of Sustainable Futures in the…

Climate change & conservation

New report stimulates a ‘green wave’ to a net-zero tomorrow

Curtin University has reduced its energy consumption by three per cent every year and introduced a suite of energy reduction…

Biology and marine biology

New ‘crime scene investigation’ may save endangered carnivorous plants

Researchers have combined macro photography with DNA metabarcoding to create a new botanical “CSI” tool that may hold the key…

Climate change & conservation

Planting the seed for new soil carbon systems to address climate change

The Soil and Landscape Science Group (SLSG) at Curtin University will work with an international team to develop next generation…

Campus and global community

The future is modular

Construction and demolition waste currently contributes to at least 40 per cent of Australia’s landfill. With many homes in Australia…

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