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Postgrad study opens up your career choices – even for these jobs

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Considering postgraduate study? At Curtin, we’re not just focused on today’s job market. Our postgraduate courses are designed with an eye on the future, equipping you to lead in emerging and innovative fields – some that aren’t even fully understood yet. Here’s a glimpse into some of the exciting worlds a postgrad degree can unlock.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Policy Strategist

The “age of AI” is here. In our post-ChatGPT, AI-integrated world, there are myriad uses for this technology within our everyday lives. But, the ethical implications of AI are still relatively underdeveloped. An AI Policy Strategist works within this space, ensuring that AI technologies respect societal norms and values. Equipped with a Master of Artificial Intelligence from Curtin, graduates are primed to navigate the intricacies of AI, crafting policies that govern its ethical and responsible use in industries ranging from healthcare, finance, education and other aspects of life that AI is posed to shake up.

Cross-platform Investigative Journalist

Today, journalism is more dynamic than ever. Think about the ways in which you hear about the world – explainers on TikTok, video essays on YouTube, deep dives on podcasts. Journalists now don’t just report news; they immerse their audience in it. By harnessing the skills from Curtin’s Multimedia Journalism postgraduate course, you can craft compelling narratives that resonate, whether it’s through a VR news experience or an in-depth documentary series.

Urban Spatial Analyst

As cities expand and the use of technology becomes more integrated into our urban landscapes, there’s a growing need for experts who can understand and interpret spatial data. Urban Spatial Analysts use advanced tools to help plan smart cities, optimise traffic flow, and even predict natural disasters. With a foundation in Geospatial Intelligence from Curtin, you can be at the forefront of urban development, making cities more liveable, sustainable, and efficient.

Space Habitat Designer

Space is no longer the final frontier; it’s the next big habitat. With an increase in space exploration and the potential of extra-terrestrial colonisation, there’s a need for experts who can design sustainable environments outside our planet. Drawing from the Master of Space Environment at Curtin, professionals in this field can conceptualise habitats on the Moon, Mars, or even in deep space stations, ensuring human safety and comfort.

Global Human Rights Advocate

In an interconnected world, the fight for human rights knows no borders. Global Human Rights Advocates work with international organisations, lobby governments, and collaborate with NGOs to ensure that every individual’s rights are upheld. With a grounding in Curtin’s Human Rights postgraduate program, you can be the voice that champions justice, equality, and dignity on a global stage.


From the vast expanse of space to the coded corridors of artificial intelligence, these professions are redefining the contours of our future. With a Curtin postgraduate degree, you’re not just reacting to change; you’re leading it. Check out our full suite of Postgrad courses.

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