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How Curtin can help me get career-ready 

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At Curtin, we’re here to support you in boosting your employability and achieving your professional goals.  

We understand the unique challenges that international students face when looking for a job, whether it’s a part-time job while you study or your first full-time role post-graduation. We also know that working isn’t all about earning, but gaining valuable experience that builds on your skill sets. That’s why we provide a range of resources and programs to help you thrive in the competitive job market. 

Let’s take a look at how Curtin can help you get career-ready.  

Embrace practical learning 

At Curtin, we believe in hands-on learning that equips you with the skills employers need. 

On our Perth campus, you’ll find a variety of learning spaces that allow you to put theory into practice. Curtin’s simulated health environments act as authentic learning environments in which students can develop and apply their skills in areas like nursing, occupational therapy and pharmacy. Law students can benefit from facilities like the John Curtin Law Clinic and the Jeanette Hacket Moot Court, where students partake in simulated court proceedings to practise debating and public speaking. 

According to nursing student Remy Trusler, Curtin’s commitment to practical learning greatly enhanced her academic experience and professional growth. 

“I’d have to say that one of the best things about [Bachelor of Science (Nursing)] is the variety of clinical placements, where I’m able to apply what I’ve learned in class to a real clinical setting. It is an incredible experience working alongside and learning from so many different nurses, and gaining the confidence to put theory into practice,” she shares.  

With such a strong emphasis on real-world employability, it’s no surprise that Curtin graduates are rated the best employees in Australia. Released in April 2023, the Australian Government’s Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) Employer Satisfaction Survey (ESS) revealed that employers’ satisfaction level with Curtin graduates was the highest of all Australian universities

Improve your resume instantly 

Your resume is the first impression you make on potential employers, and we understand the importance of making it shine. We offer tools to help you create a stand-out resume, including:  

  • VMock: create a free VMock account and upload your resume in PDF format. This platform will analyse your resume and provide instant suggestions for improvements. This can be useful if you’re tight on time and need to make quick changes. To access VMock, you’ll need a Curtin student email address.  
  • Curtin Careers Resume Clinic: if you’d prefer a more personal touch, our resume clinic offers in-person reviews, where you can chat about your resume with one of our advisors. If you’re starting from the beginning with your resume, this might be a good option for you. Current students can explore this service via UniHub while prospective students can learn more here.  

Earn While You Learn 

Financial independence and professional growth can go hand in hand. With the Earn While You Learn (EWYL) program, international students can apply to work part-time on campus at Curtin Perth while having the flexibility to study.  

There are often openings in a range of departments, encompassing skill sets such as administration, HR, graphic design and customer service. 

To find EWYL opportunities and sign up to be notified when relevant jobs become available, head to UniHub, Curtin’s exclusive job portal for students.

Gain hands-on experience with Curtin Volunteers! 

Volunteering can be an eye-opening experience that adds to your resume and nurtures your personal growth. With Curtin Volunteers!, you have the chance to make a positive impact on the community while gaining new skills and growing your professional network.  

You could be assisting with deliveries at the Curtin Community Pantry, traveling to rural Australian towns during John Curtin Weekend, or helping to conserve the environment.  

As an international student, participating in volunteer projects demonstrates your commitment to the community and your adaptability. It’s also a great way to make new friends. 

Customised career advice just for you

We understand that your path is unique, and you deserve personalised guidance. At Curtin, you’ll find a range of programs and resources tailored to you. 

Our Industry Mentoring Program (IMP) is a great way to learn about the industry you’re aspiring to work in. You’ll be partnered with a mentor in your chosen field, meeting with them every week to discuss your goals. You can ask them anything you want to know about their career and your options. 

Curtin also offers the opportunity for enrolled students to book a one-on-one career counselling session, known as a Careers Conversation. In these 15-minute chats – which can be done over the phone or in person – our career advisors will take the time to understand your aims, strengths and areas for development. 

Learn more via Curtin Careers 

For a comprehensive career development service, look toward Curtin Careers. Our dedicated department is your hub for all things career-related. Visit us in Building 101 Curtin Perth, open from 9am–1pm, Monday to Friday. 

If you prefer digital communication, reach out via email at or give us a call at (08) 9266 7802.

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