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By supporting disadvantaged students, you’re doing more than just providing a scholarship; you’re creating an accessible opportunity for them to transform their lives through education.

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In a world filled with inequities, those experiencing them first-hand are often the ones to confront these challenges head on with the aim of making a difference in their community. A university education will enable these champions to learn, make lifelong connections, and explore new opportunities. However, for 77% at Curtin, this isn’t possible. They need to work long hours to afford to live, which results in less time spent experiencing university and studying.

Students should be able to access the best education journey possible without their financial situation holding them back. With the Curtin Cares about Students Equity Scholarship, we can ease some of the financial stress for students facing hardship and ensure everyone has an equitable shot at their tertiary education dreams.

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Curtin Cares about Students Equity Scholarship

In 2020, COVID-19 hit students hard, especially those already making sacrifices to earn their university degrees. During this time of uncertainty, the Curtin community united to support students through the Curtin Cares about Students fund, providing students with financial bursaries that enabled them to continue their studies. 

Nearly four years later, students are keen to start their degrees at Curtin. Unfortunately, many feel overwhelmed by the current cost of living crisis, which is causing housing insecurity and forcing students to exhaust their savings with some, even unable to afford necessities like food.

We need all kinds of minds and voices to build a better tomorrow. By supporting the Curtin Cares about Students Equity Scholarship, we can break down the barriers hindering our leaders of tomorrow. Together, we can foster a more inclusive educational environment that empowers all students to not just survive but thrive.

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