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As the biggest provider of healthcare professionals, our Faculty of Health Sciences is one of the largest and broadest health faculties in the country, covering almost all specialties. Strengths lie in allied health, nursing and translational research, which is deeply embedded through partnerships with not-for-profits, service providers and the entire WA health system.

Through the health sciences, we discover new medical breakthroughs and develop our understanding of the mind and mental wellbeing. We make waves in crucial research, such as disease management, neurosciences, genomics, human movement and rehabilitation, and metabolic health.

School of Nursing 50 Years of Excellence

In 2024, the Curtin School of Nursing celebrates its 50th anniversary, reflecting on a rich history defined by significant accomplishments in teaching, research, and community engagement.

Climate change linked to stillbirths

Sheets of fire raging through bushland against an apocalyptic sky. It’s an all-too-familiar sight in Australian summers, alongside native animals limping through blackened habitats while helicopters drop water bombs.

Australia’s climate has warmed by about 1.47°C since national records began in 1910, with climate change turbocharging our vulnerability to extreme weather events such as fire, drought, floods, storms, hurricanes, and heatwaves.

Meet Andy

WA Chief Health Officer and Curtin grad Dr Andy Robertson has treated Navy personnel, been threatened at gunpoint, managed WA Health’s response to the 2004 Bali bombings, and has now also coordinated WA’s COVID-19 response.

“My proudest moments have been providing public health and medical services to areas which really need some help at the time, getting them through a difficult period until their own services can get back on their feet.”

Meet Neesha

Curtin psychology grad Neesha Seth enjoyed the good times as a uni student, but she also took her studies seriously – and has a flourishing career to show for it.

Now she is the President of United Nations Association of Australia’s WA Young Professionals Network, manages her own consultancy in organisational psychology and presents for a chat show called The Couch.

Meet Ezz

Afghanistan refugee and nursing graduate Ezz Rahmati said attaining a tertiary education at Curtin changed his life.

Growing up in the war-torn country surrounded by violence and poverty Ezz never gave up hope of a brighter future.
Using his nursing degree, he hopes to work in developing nations, where he can help those less fortunate access common medicine and prevent unnecessary deaths from treatable infections.

Child hugging earth

What’s happening in Health Sciences

Jump Start Nursing

Jump Start Nursing

Registered nurses are key to a safe healthcare system. In this time of workforce shortage, attracting students to study nursing is essential so that we can continue to offer person centred quality care to individuals, families and communities.

Jump Start Nursing will assist first-year nursing students with $500 which will allow them to purchase critical items needed for their clinical placements. Uniforms, mask fitting, police clearance and CPR training all add up, and many students struggle to find the money to cover these costs.

You have the opportunity to support first-year nursing students with their out-of-pocket expenses by donating to Jump Start Nursing. Let’s extend a helping hand and ensure all students can excel in their nursing career without delay.

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Fabienne Vonarburg

Fabienne Vonarburg

Head of Advancement, Health Sciences

Fabienne joined the team in November 2018 and assists the Faculty of Health Sciences in its fundraising and engagement efforts to create mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationships between donors and Curtin.

“I am privileged and grateful to work alongside some of the brightest minds to drive innovative solutions for our health and medical challenges in WA and beyond. I’m honoured to have the opportunity to invite donors and supporters to join us on this exciting journey. It is incredibly humbling to be part of a team that creates the best possible student experiences, advances Curtin’s academic endeavours and assists in finding breakthroughs and research discoveries to make tomorrow better.”

Get in touch with Fabienne to find out how you can support the Faculty. If you’d like to contact the Faculty directly, information is available on their website.

MSWA Nutrition education program

MSWA Nutrition education program