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female basketball athlete in wheelchair

Disability and accessibility

We are committed to equal opportunity in education and employment, and seek to provide an environment where all staff and students are given the opportunity to participate fully in Curtin activities.

Curtin uses person-first language when referring to people with disability. We encourage our community to respect, affirm and be guided by each individual person with disability’s language preference.

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP)

Our DAIP is a long-term plan with key goals and milestones that focus on accessibility and inclusion for Curtin staff, students and visitors with disability.

Good access and an inclusive culture benefit not only people with disability, but also people with prams or trolleys, cyclists, people new to campus and people who don’t use English as their first language.

How we can support you

We have a range of services and support available for students, staff, visitors and carers with disabilities or injuries.

Getting around campus

Policies and guidelines