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Governing authority

The Council

Three members of the University Council
Three current members of the The Council Professor Glennda Scully, Dr Andrew Crane and Ms Catherine Clark.

The Council is the governing body of the University and its powers are set out in the Curtin University Act 1966 (WA). It has “the management and control of the property and affairs of the University and may do all such acts and things as it may think best calculated to promote the interests of the University”.

The Act provides for a Council comprising of the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, members appointed by the Governor, a nominee of the State Minister for Education, co-opted members, members elected by the academic and general staff, members elected by students, members who are members of bodies that represent the interests of the University in places other than at Curtin Perth, a member of the Academic Board, and a member of the Alumni Association.

The Academic Board

The Academic Board is also a committee of Council and forms part of the overall governance framework of the University. The Academic Board is responsible to Council for helping to ensure the academic quality and integrity of the University’s operations as an academic institution. The Academic Board is also assisted in the performance of its responsibilities by a number of sub-committees.