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Theatre Arts

Undergraduate major

Are you a budding actor or director? This course prepares you for a bright future in theatre arts.

Course outline
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    Theatre Arts Major (BCA)
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Course outline

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Course outline
Theatre Arts



This major equips you with the creative practice and the theory you need to perform both on and off the stage. It is a comprehensive training ground for passionate theatre artists.

At Curtin you will benefit from studying in the longest-established theatre arts course in Western Australia. You’ll develop the full range of fundamental skills, theoretical understanding, and practical experience of theatre and performance practice. These include:

  • acting
  • directing
  • writing and devising
  • dramaturgy
  • critical analysis
  • stage management
  • theatre production.

You’ll have the opportunity to work on five major productions and up to 25 student directed productions each year. Staged on campus and in venues around Perth, these productions range from classical drama to contemporary works.

You’ll also learn from artists-in-residence who have professional production experience, and you could apply your skills in the Hayman Theatre Company’s on-campus public production program.

Theatre Arts is offered as part of the Bachelor of Creative Arts.

You can also study Theatre Arts as part of a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce double degree. 

What jobs can the Theatre Arts course lead to?


  • Actor
  • Stage / film / TV director
  • Performing arts technician
  • Playwright
  • Production crew
  • Stage manager.


  • Theatre and screen
  • Screen advertising.

What you'll learn

  • apply knowledge of the discipline of Theatre Arts to creative practice, production, practice-led research and interpretation. Conduct both theoretical and practice-led research methods to synthesis and evaluate diverse sources of information.
  • identify and initiate ways to develop performance skills and experience in order to develop learning; engage in critical and reflective practice in theory and practice to generate new knowledge and create original performance.
  • communicate and articulate ideas critically and practically applying appropriate contemporary Theatre Arts technologies, with an understanding of how voice, gesture, space and other staging techniques communicate meaning.
  • identify, engage and apply global perspectives within the fields of performance and performance making.
  • recognise the vital contribution of inter-cultural approaches to performance and performance making and demonstrate respect for Indigenous values, cultures and knowledges cultural.
  • initiate individual and collaborative projects based on a sound knowledge of the principles of the Theatre Arts field and best professional practice

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I had the best of the best here. Curtin has given me this beautiful gift – what I’ve got from that has been unexpected but completely wonderful.

Kate Mulvany
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  • Curtin course code: MJRU-THTRA
  • Last updated on: 19 May 2024

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