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Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

Undergraduate major

Learn how to evaluate, drill, develop and mine oil and gas reserves.

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    Petroleum Engineering Major (BEng Hons)
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Course outline

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Course outline
Petroleum Engineering



Petroleum engineers extract oil and gas from deposits below the Earth’s surface. They collaborate with other professionals to understand the geological and geophysical characteristics of particular reservoirs, before designing, testing and implementing the most effective and profitable extraction method.

Because reservoirs yield up to 30% of their oil, petroleum engineers are needed to develop methods that optimise oil and gas production. These engineers are also needed to help develop offshore gas fields.

In this major you will learn how to evaluate, drill, develop and mine oil and gas reserves. You'll study chemical engineering, drilling, fluid flow through reservoirs, formation evaluation, geology, hydrocarbon phase behaviour, oil and gas field development, petroleum production technology, thermodynamics and well completions engineering.

You will undertake practical study in fluid and reservoir rock and drilling laboratories, and gain industry exposure through field trips to service company offices, government offices, and drilling, exploration and production operation sites.

You'll also gain an understanding of global economic trends and corporate profit margins through the study of economics, risk and project management.

In your final year, you'll undertake a major research project, as well as a field development planning and design project.

This major sits within the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree.

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How this course will make you industry ready

  • Throughout your studies you will applying the course material to real oil and gas field data.
  • Companies such as Chevron, Woodside, Shell, BHP Biliton, BP and numerous others support the petroleum engineering program at Curtin and provide graduates with employment opportunities during and beyond their studies.
  • Most Curtin teaching staff are professionals from within the industry.
  • Student membership to the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is encouraged. This, in conjunction with the Curtin Chapter of the membership, provides you with valuable networking, learning and career development throughout your course.

What jobs can the Petroleum Engineering course lead to?


  • Petroleum engineer
  • Drilling engineer
  • Field operation engineer
  • Production engineer
  • Reservoir engineer
  • Subsurface engineer
  • Well completions engineer


  • Environmental management
  • Government
  • Health and safety
  • Oil and gas
  • Research and development
  • Water treatment

Further study

Professional recognition

Graduates fulfil the stage one competencies required by Engineers Australia.

Engineering is all about solving problems, and petroleum engineering in particular is an area where projects require innovation. Curtin’s petroleum engineering degree provides lots of practical experiences, covers a wide range of subjects and teaches you to use technology relevant to your field.

Emily James
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  • Last updated on: 24 April 2024

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