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Why travel is a great career move

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Imagine video conferencing from a yurt in Mongolia. Or sipping mate as you check your work emails in Argentina. Combining travel with work or study is not only increasingly possible thanks to globalisation and the internet, but it’s actually a great career move.

A number of research studies have shown that international experience leads to increased creativity, problem-solving and entrepreneurial skills – all attributes highly valued in the workplace. It’s not so surprising then to discover that international experience also translates into increased employment opportunities.

Curtin alumnus, Marketing Strategy Consultant and self-declared “impromptu traveller, bitten by wanderlust”, Peeush Tomar, is a strong advocate of gaining international experience. To date, he has worked and studied his way through New Zealand, Singapore, Bangkok, Indonesia, South Africa and Australia.

“One thing I was always sure of was being free-spirited for life,” he asserts. “I wanted a profession or pursuit that would give me an opportunity to connect with many people and to travel across countries and cultures.”

Instinctively drawn to marketing as a career, Peeush says he gets great delight from working with brands, from perfecting the right tone and attitude, to delivery on the brand’s promise, almost a storyteller approach. And, he says his interest in travel has only served to enrich his career, creating diverse exposures.

“While travelling for work, I learnt from best practices in each zone or country, assertively taking back the success stories of marketing in one region to others, to create distinctive advantages further,” he explains. “This approach also brought a deep understanding of cultures, mannerisms and ways of managing business, bringing the right balance of empathy to professional relationships.”

In 2006, Peeush deliberated the opportunity to study his MBA in Australia, enthusiastically supported by his then employer. After much contemplation about which university to study at, he decided on Curtin.

“The choice of Curtin was based on my thorough research around rankings, taking cues from alumni about the environment and the rich course content,” he recalls. “And I must say, I made a damn good choice. Studying at Curtin was a fantastic experience in terms of not only getting exposed to a great course and capable faculty, but also the subject matter being globally relevant.”

In addition to exploring the west coast of Australia, hanging out at the beach and eating Fremantle’s famous fish and chips, studying at Curtin also broadened horizons in his career.

For the past four years, Peeush has been heading up Marketing and Strategic Alliances for PVR Group, which involves diverse portfolio management right from brand building strategies to positioning and innovation. He also guest lectures at universities around India and recently launched his own marketing consultancy, Brands Invincible. He also is actively heading Strategy and Business Development for an integrated Marketing and Communications company, Nikulsan Global.

A “live-in-the-moment” person, his other creative passions include penning travelogues, poetry and blogs.

“Today, my passion and an eye for detail, when constructing and sustaining a brand, has won me a lot of recognition and recommendations,” Peeush says. “People treat me as a thorough brand personality and that assures me of having chosen the right path in life.”

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