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Social media pages you should be following as a Curtin Student

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Being a Curtin student provides you with endless opportunities to meet new people, explore campus, take part in social activities and find both study and emotional support whenever you need it.  With so many resources available, how can you keep track of them all and stay up to date with Curtin life? Below are five Curtin accounts you can follow to enhance your Curtin experience!

Curtin Student Guild

As an active voice of the students, the Curtin Student Guild will keep you up to date with all things Curtin. The page provides links to services such as student assist and gives up to date information regarding classes, exams, parking and much more. You’ll find a range of campus events run by the Guild on the events tab that you can attend such as rallies, O-Week activities, first aid courses and guild markets. All information is given through clear, easy to view infographics and videos, so it’s a great way to stay informed during your time at Curtin. The page also provides a link to a list of all the clubs on campus so you can find one that suits your interests!

Follow Curtin Student Guild on Facebook and Instagram.

The Curtin Student Guild also have nominated student representatives from each Faculty who represent you on university committees, respond to student questions and concerns, run campaigns regarding issues and initiatives relevant to your Faculty. Stay up to date with updates from the Guild regarding your Faculty by joining your Faculty Facebook Group.

Join the Faculty of Health Sciences Guild Facebook Group.

Join the Faculty of Science and Engineering Guild Facebook Group.

Join the Faculty of Business and Law Guild Facebook Group.

Join the Faculty of Humanities Guild Facebook Group.

The Curtin Student Guild also has a number of equity departments that represent students and make Curtin a safe space for everyone. Find your community and get involved by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Follow the Queer Department on Facebook and Instagram.

Follow the Women’s Department on Facebook and Instagram.

Follow the First Nations Department on Facebook and Instagram.

Follow the Accessibility Department on Facebook and Instagram.

Follow the Postgraduate Student Committee on Facebook and Instagram.

Follow the International Student Committee on Facebook and Instagram.

Explore Curtin

Want to know what’s happening each week at the Perth Campus? Explore Curtin brings the Perth Campus alive with weekly free events, food trucks, workshops, performers, art, celebrations, markets and more. You’ll learn about the best places to hangout and unwind with your mates, plus all the free events hosted on campus, including Astrofest, Craft Workshops and the Pop-Up Skate Park to name a few! You can also subscribe to the page to receive weekly newsletters letting you know what’s happening on campus.

Follow Explore Curtin on Facebook and Instagram.

Curtin Stadium

Let’s Get Physical! Curtin Stadium is the home of sport, fitness, recreation, health and rehabilitation at Curtin. The Stadium provides information about Curtin sports teams which are a great way to get active, represent Curtin and meet new people! Be sure to check out their Facebook Page for health facts, nutritious recipes and online workouts you can follow along with from the comfort of your own home. Find a gym membership that works for you, make the most of Curtin’s state of the art gym facilities and let Curtin Stadium team guide you on your fitness journey.

Follow Curtin Stadium on Facebook and Instagram.

Curtin University Library

The Curtin Library provides students and staff with a variety of services and facilities that are specifically designed to support teaching, learning and research. Follow the Curtin Library Facebook page for library opening times, printing help and workshops. Whether you need to learn how to edit a video for an assignment, are looking for tips to avoiding plagiarism, want to brush up on your Microsoft excel skills, want to learn how to program or need some assignment writing help, the Curtin Library has a workshop for you! Workshops run both online and face to face, so be sure to book in to learn something new and perfect your next assignment!

Follow Curtin University Library on Facebook and Instagram.

Curtin Life Australia Instagram

Curtin is filled with students from a huge variety of backgrounds. Get to know Curtin students and their experiences by following the @CurtinLifeAustralia Instagram page! The page posts student profiles and videos, introducing students from all degrees and sharing their Curtin experience. The page’s ‘Conversations_@_Curtin’ series interviews students from around campus and asks them to respond to some of Curtin’s biggest questions: What’s the best spot to study on campus? What’s your favourite food truck? and much more. The page is a great way to stay connected with and be a part of the Curtin student community. Be sure to check out stories for student takeovers, study tips, building tours and campus places to visit.

Follow @CurtinLifeAustralia on Instagram.

University isn’t just a place to get a degree and get out. It’s a great way to expand your horizons, meet new people, find strong support systems and learn new skills. Make sure you’re following all the pages listed above for the full Curtin student experience!

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