World Leadership

We live in a world defined by constant change. To keep up, leaders at all levels should be highly adaptable and collaborative, however it’s debatable whether all our world leaders possess those qualities. 

On the international stage, we see wildly different personalities and leadership styles, from the brashness of Trump to the brutality of Duterte, to the poise of Ardern.  

We’re yet to reach accord on international crises such as climate change, health and migration; which leads us to ask whether there’s a better way.  

David is joined by former WA Premier Professor Geoff Gallop AC and strategic affairs analyst Associate Professor Alexey Muraviev to discuss leadership on the world stage and how countries can lead on issues of national and international importance.  

  • The Covid-19 pandemic has put our world leaders to the test. What lessons have we learned? [01:02]
  • Democracies – do they have a sell-by date?  [06:22] and [25:06]
  • With world technology moving forward at such a fast pace, is making policy decisions on Twitter still a shocking thing? [10:08]
  • What aspects of Jacinda Ardern’s leadership style have contributed to her success? [16:50]
  • What is the ideal global leadership model? [26:31]

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