Understanding Consumers - Summer Favourites

What is it that makes consumers tick and influences our purchasing habits?   

With the festive season upon us and Australians estimated to have spent a record $5.4 billion on Black Friday sales, we’ve decided to revisit one of our favourite episodes: Understanding Consumers. 

In this episode, our former host David Blayney was joined by Associate Professor Min Teah and Dr Luke Butcher from Curtin University. The researchers took a close look at research on brands and marketing and chatted about whether Millenials and Gen Z are more savvy about marketing than previous generations. 

  • Tracking a consumer’s emotional state (01:03)
  • Building trust with today’s consumers (08:11)
  • Which companies are best in touch with their consumers? (15:09)
  • The ethics of capturing data (19:11)
  • Why did Amazon offer a free smart speaker to David? (23:52)
  • Imagining the layout of future stores (27:10)

This will be the first of three episodes we’ll be re-releasing, as we take a break over the summer holidays.

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Associate Professor Min Teah

Associate Professor Teah is the Dean of Research at Curtin University’s School of Management and Marketing. She has research expertise in luxury branding, consumer behaviour, brand mimicry and ethical consumption, having worked with clients including Gabriel Chocolate, Simmos Ice Creamery, Nash Pearls, Lust Pearls and Shiseido. 

In 2016, she helped to develop a mobile headset that measures consumer’s physical reactions to marketing material, which is now used by Curtin’s Luxury Branding Research Centre.

Dr Luke Butcher

Dr Butcher is a Senior Lecturer within Curtin University’s School of Management and Marketing. His research has focused on innovation acceptance, luxury branding and the evolution of the video games industry and their enigmatic gamers, including the rapid rise and lasting legacy of Pokémon GO.

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