Type-2 Diabetes

New nano capsules could spell an alternate effective treatment for type-2 diabetes – the world’s fastest growing health condition.

Jess is joined by two of the researchers behind the capsules, Dr Hani Al-Salami and Dr Ryu Takechi, to learn how the technology, which is filled with a combination of bile acids and the lipid-lowering drug Probucol, targets the inflammatory effects of diabetes.

The researchers also discuss how type-2 diabetes is connected with other health conditions such as dementia and hearing loss, and what we can all do to safeguard our health into the future.

  • Why is the number of people with type-2 diabetes growing? [00:49]
  • Dr Al-Salami explains the nanotechnology [02:41]
  • Why does diabetes affect our hearing and memory? [08:46]
  • What drives Dr Al-Salami’s and Dr Takechi’s research? [10:40]
  • Assessing the uncertain future of type-2 diabetes [14:22]

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Dr Hani Al-Salami

Dr Al-Salami is an AHPRA-registered Australian and New Zealand pharmacist, and a Program Lead in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Curtin Medical School and Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute (CHIRI). He is also the Head of Heating Therapeutics Department at Ear Science Institute Australia. Dr Al-Salami has led research into developing nanotech treatments for diabetes, as well as the connection between diabetes and hearing loss. 

He was recently announced as one of the top 2% most highly cited scientists in the world, according to Stanford University’s renowned Science-wide Author Databases of Standardised Citation Indicators. 


Dr Ryu Takechi

Dr Takechi has recently been appointed as Domain Lead for Neurodegeneration and Chronic Pain Research for CHIRI. He has investigated links between the consumption of energy drinks and diabetes, previously investigated the connection between diabetes and dementia, and also assisted with Dr Al-Salami's nanotechnologies research.

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