Transgender Inclusion | A. Prof Sam Winter

What does it mean to be a trans person? How included do they feel in society, and why are some of us afraid of people who are different? 

In this episode Sarah is joined by Associate Professor Sam Winter, who shares their insight into what it means to be a trans person, how society can be more inclusive of people who are gender diverse and where traditional notions of gender may still be relevant. 

  • What defines a trans person? [02:55]
  • Accessing gender affirming healthcare [05:19]
  • Birth certificates for trans people [06:40]
  • Empathy leads to equity [09:16]
  • Legislation as education [11:07]
  • Why is there a fear of trans people? [12:18]
  • What is a woman? [17:48]
  • Trans women in sport [21:28]
  • Sam’s journey to trans research [28:31]

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Associate Professor Sam Winter, Curtin School of Population Health.

Associate Professor Winter is a researcher and teacher working in the field of trans health, wellbeing and rights. Much of his research experience has been in Asia and the Pacific.

Since 2000 her work has focused on trans-related issues, in which time she has led or been an investigator on around 20 funded research projects and has published around 60 works on the health, rights and wellbeing of trans people. 

They were a member of the WHO Working Group that initiated the 2019 removal of the ‘gender identity disorder’ diagnoses from the mental disorders chapter of the WHO’s International Classification of Diseases manual. 

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