The Manosphere | Dr Ben Rich and Dr Francis Russell

What is ‘the manosphere’, what has it got to do with masculinity, and why are high school teachers concerned by teenage boys’ attraction to it? In this episode, our guest presenter Associate Professor Kathryn Shine is joined by Dr Ben Rich and Dr Francis Russell, from the Curtin Extremism Research Network, to discuss the realm of the manosphere.

  • What is the manosphere? [00:09]
  • Why are men feeling ‘disenfranchised’? [02:57]
  • Are there racial and religious elements within the manosphere? [11:58]
  • What is the Curtin Extremism Research Network? [35:54]

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Dr Ben Rich is a senior lecturer in the School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry, and co-director of the Curtin Extremism Research Network (CERN), where his research focuses on the factors behind politically extreme views in areas such as gender, race and public health.

Dr Francis Russell is a lecturer and researcher in various areas across the humanities, including cultural studies. Along with Dr Ben Rich, he is the co-director of the Curtin Extremism Research Network (CERN).

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