Space Exploration

Space exploration has led to greater understanding of the planet Earth, our Solar System and our place in the universe, but there’s still much to be discovered. To help uncover some of the greatest cosmic mysteries, space agencies around the world are planning missions to explore neighbouring planets to map their history and search for possible signs of past extraterrestrial life. 

In this episode, David Blaney is joined by Professor Phil Bland to discuss mission preparations to the Moon and Mars, the systemic and environmental challenges faced by automated rockets and rovers, and what we are doing at Curtin University in this space.

  • What we can learn from looking at meteorites [03:53]
  • CubeSats: what they are and what they can do [06:36]
  • Major challenges faced by exploring space [10:36]
  • Why Mars is such a big focus for space agencies [14:58]
  • Who actually ‘owns’ space? [18:13]
  • How space exploration benefits the economy [24:17]

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