Sharks - Summer Favourites

Are shark attacks sensationalised by the media, or do sharks truly have taste for human flesh? Learn the truth with Melissa Márquez, the Mother of Sharks. 

Sharks have earned a reputation in popular culture for being ‘blood thirsty people eaters’ but research and statistics show that this label is misleading. In fact, up to 31 per cent of sharks face extinction, despite the important role they play in our marine ecosystems. 

With summer upon us and many Australians flocking to the beach, we thought now is the time to revisit one of our favourite episodes to sort out the fact from the fiction. 

In this episode Tom Robinson and Amelia Searson are joined by former Curtin researcher, marine biologist and conservationist, Melissa Cristina Márquez. 

Together, they discuss the importance of the sharks in our oceans and the impact that sensationalised media coverage is having on the conservation of these species. Melissa also provides some eye-opening insight into the life of a marine biologist and the importance of diversity in STEM.

  • Categories of shark bites [01:39]
  • The role of sharks in ecosystems [07:09]
  • Media impact on shark conversation [09:00]
  • SMART drumlines [11:31]
  • Croc attack? [15:00]
  • Diversity in science [20:56]

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