Robots at Work (LIVE!)


Will a robot ever steal your job? In this special, live episode of The Future Of, host Danelle Cross is joined by research fellow Giverny De Boeck, Associate Professor Jonathan Paxman and returning guest Dr Eleanor Sandry. 

The guests speak about their work and industry partnerships, before discussing the type of robots that already exist and setting the record straight on how robots could impact future workplaces.

The talk formed part of Curtin University’s annual Research Rumble event, which showcases future-focused university research and innovation. 

  • Background of the experts [00:52]
  • What is a robot and what is artificial intelligence? [04:47]
  • Which tasks and competencies will be replaced? [16:37]
  • Which new jobs will be created? [27:42]
  • Q&A
  • The question of liability [33:32]
  • Ethical issues and work expectations surrounding automation [37:35] 
  • How robots are enabling meaningful work [46:14]

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Giverny De Boeck

De Boeck is a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for Transformative Work Design at Curtin University. De Boeck researches changes to workplaces in light of automation and other technological innovation, and how these impact employees’ work experiences.

Associate Professor Jonathan Paxman

Associate Professor Paxman is the Head of School of Civil and Mechanical Engineering at Curtin University. He has a varied work background in AI, robotics and technology. He is currently designing algorithms to count the number of craters on the surface of Mars and is assisting with autonomous operations for the Desert Fireball Network. 

Dr Eleanor Sandry 

Dr Sandry is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry at Curtin University. She studies human-machine communication and how automation can help to enrich our experiences at work. Her book, Robots and Communication, draws on her early research and theories into human interactions with robots. 

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