Prior to COVID-19, you might not have anticipated that a virus could have such a profound global impact in the 21st century.

To discuss the impact of COVID-19, what researchers can learn from it, and what the future might hold, David talks to Professors Archie Clements and Christopher Reid, both from Curtin’s Faculty of Health Sciences.

  • Why has it taken so long for a virus to impact the world like this? [0.44]
  • Chris, you're involved in a study that's investigating the potential long-term impacts of COVID-19. What are you hoping to reveal? [3.30]
  • How is Australia performing in terms of its response? [5.52]
  • Why is it so difficult to create a vaccine for COVID-19? [10.51]
  • Why are the origins of COVID-19 unclear? [14.12]
  • What will be the lasting impacts? [18.51]

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