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The Future Of

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

The Future Of, Ep 49 | 34:58

Will bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies replace fiat money?


The Future Of, Ep 48 | 26:40

Are shark attacks sensationalised by the media, or have sharks acquired a taste for human flesh? Learn the truth with Melissa Márquez, the Mother of Sharks.


The Future Of, Ep 47 | 21:32

In the 21st century, could university campuses become redundant as more people turn to online learning? The need for us to regularly upskill for our careers is also influencing the traditional university business model.

Land Conservation

The Future Of, Ep 46 | 20:58

Join the man who found the oldest object on Earth and Australia’s first Indigenous Biodiversity Chair to learn how we can better protect the planet.

Extraterrestrial Intelligence

The Future Of, Ep 45 | 30:0

Two world-leading astronomers discuss their search for life beyond our Solar System.

Sustainable Engineering

The Future Of, Ep 44 | 24:43

To move to a cleaner, greener future, sustainable engineering is a must.

Getting Old

The Future Of, Ep 43 | 26:30

Getting old isn’t a sexy topic, but ageing happens to all of us, so how can we ensure we age well in order to live it up in our retirement years?


The Future Of, Ep 42 | 24:2

Join us for our first birthday! We explore how COVID-19 has impacted the journalism industry, whether tech giants should pay for news and the role of journalism during a time of social and political upheaval.

Killer Whales

The Future Of, Ep 41 | 25:44

The apex predator of the ocean is not the shark, but the killer whale. Discover how these fascinating mammals use unique communication strategies to hunt, navigate, socialise and ultimately rule the seas.

China’s Soft Power Strategy

The Future Of, Ep 40 | 28:21

What is China’s soft power strategy and should we be wary of Chinese apps? These are a few of the questions answered as we discuss the future of China’s international influence and global standing.

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