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The Future Of

The Future Of

The Future Of, a podcast powered by Curtin University, where experts share their vision of the future and how their work is helping shape it for the better.

Robots at Work (LIVE!)

The Future Of, Ep 66 | 50:9

Will a robot ever steal your job?

Get-rich-quick Schemes

The Future Of, Ep 65 | 26:51

Get-rich-quick schemes are known as too good to be true, so why do people continue to participate in these businesses?

NFTs and Digital Ownership

The Future Of, Ep 64 | 22:4

What are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and why have they been selling for millions of dollars online?

Freedom of Movement (LIVE!)

The Future Of, Ep 63 | 17:31

Will COVID-19 lockdowns increase the public’s support for refugees and other individuals with restrictions to freedom of movement?

Stolen Artefacts

The Future Of, Ep 62 | 33:38

Hundreds of thousands of stolen, Colonial Era artefacts are on display in Western museums. Will they ever be returned home?


The Future Of, Ep 61 | 24:55

“OCD” is often used as an adjective to describe someone who enjoys cleanliness and organisation, but is that appropriate?

Children's Online Privacy

The Future Of, Ep 60 | 28:18

What is the impact of parents sharing content of their children online?

Land Restoration Through an Aboriginal Lens (LIVE!)

The Future Of, Ep 59 | 49:12

48% of the Australian continent has been razed for mining and agriculture. The key to its restoration lies in 65,000 years of Aboriginal knowledge.

Sex Education

The Future Of, Ep 58 | 22:57

How can schools improve our understanding of consent, sexuality and sex positivity?

Air Quality

The Future Of, Ep 57 | 17:22

Everyday, we breathe in more hazardous chemicals and gases at home, work and in the environment than you think.

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