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The Future Of

The Future Of

The Future Of, a podcast powered by Curtin University, where experts share their vision of the future and how their work is helping shape it for the better.

Breast Cancer Treatment | A. Prof Pieter Eichhorn

The Future Of, Ep 86 | 24:35

From chemotherapy to immunotherapy and targeted drug delivery, what’s next for breast cancer treatment?

The Agribusiness Supply Chain | Dr Elizabeth Jackson

The Future Of, Ep 85 | 26:26

Bare supermarket shelves have become a familiar sight in recent years, following a series of disruptions to the agribusiness sector.

Hearing Loss | A. Prof Hani Al-Salami

The Future Of, Ep 84 | 13:0

We have medications to treat most human diseases and impairments, why not hearing loss?

The English Language | OED Consultant A.Prof Lisa Lim

The Future Of, Ep 83 | 40:0

English has cemented its place as the world's lingua franca, with 2 billion speakers. Will it remain a global language in the future?

Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Children | Profs Jane Valentine and Catherine Elliot

The Future Of, Ep 82 | 17:55

Early intervention is critical to treating neurodevelopmental disorders, like cerebral palsy. But just how early can we diagnose them?

Sustainable Resources | Prof Michael Hitch

The Future Of, Ep 81 | 22:35

How will our resource use and mining operations change as we move towards a sustainable, decarbonised future?

Waste-free Construction

The Future Of, Ep 80 | 35:3

The construction industry is a leading contributor to landfill. Is a circular economy the solution to reducing this waste?

Vaccine Equity

The Future Of, Ep 79 | 28:31

Many people around the world can't access the COVID-19 vaccine. What impact could this have on the global spread of the virus?

Green Hydrogen

The Future Of, Ep 78 | 31:21

Is green hydrogen the key to a carbon-free energy future?

Snakes - Summer Favourites

The Future Of, Ep 77 | 34:33

Snakes might seem pretty scary, but did you know they play an essential role in our ecosystems?

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