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The Future Of

Clean Energy (Live!)

The Future Of, Ep 69 | 18:46

What’s the holdup with energy utilities transitioning from coal-fired power to clean energy?

Mass Extinction Events

The Future Of, Ep 68 | 15:32

What’s the likelihood of a mass extinction event happening in our lifetime?

Binar-1 and Space Science

The Future Of, Ep 67 | 27:55

Launched on 29 August, Curtin University’s Binar-1 CubeSat satellite will provide easy access to space for students, researchers and industry.

Robots at Work (LIVE!)

The Future Of, Ep 66 | 50:9

Will a robot ever steal your job?

Get-rich-quick Schemes

The Future Of, Ep 65 | 26:51

Get-rich-quick schemes are known as too good to be true, so why do people continue to participate in these businesses?

NFTs and Digital Ownership

The Future Of, Ep 64 | 22:4

What are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and why have they been selling for millions of dollars online?

Freedom of Movement (LIVE!)

The Future Of, Ep 63 | 17:31

Will COVID-19 lockdowns increase the public’s support for refugees and other individuals with restrictions to freedom of movement?

Stolen Artefacts

The Future Of, Ep 62 | 33:38

Hundreds of thousands of stolen, Colonial Era artefacts are on display in Western museums. Will they ever be returned home?


The Future Of, Ep 61 | 24:55

“OCD” is often used as an adjective to describe someone who enjoys cleanliness and organisation, but is that appropriate?

Children's Online Privacy

The Future Of, Ep 60 | 28:18

What is the impact of parents sharing content of their children online?

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