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The Future Of

Green Hydrogen (Re Release) | Prof Craig Buckley

The Future Of, Ep 99 | 25:6

Is green hydrogen the key to a carbon-free energy future?

Screen time and our attention span | Dr Patrick Clarke, Tamsin Mahalingham

The Future Of, Ep 98 | 29:48

Technology and devices, and their daily influx of images and messages, may be changing the way our brains work and altering our ability to focus on set tasks.

Prisons | Dr Stuart Kinner

The Future Of, Ep 97 | 35:33

“People are sent to prison as punishment, not for punishment.” The appalling treatment of children at Banksia Hill Youth Detention Centre urges us to rethink how we treat some of society’s most vulnerable people.

Synthetic Milk | Professor Dora Marinova

The Future Of, Ep 96 | 28:28

Would you drink milk that came from a laboratory instead of a cow? Synthetic milk is set to hit supermarket shelves near you.

Indigenous Cultural Tourism | Robert Taylor, A. Prof Michael Volgger

The Future Of, Ep 95 | 49:45

Learn how the peak body for Aboriginal tourism in WA is leading the way in sharing the cultures and knowledges of First Nations Peoples.

Neuromarketing | Dr Billy Sung

The Future Of, Ep 94 | 25:42

What exactly is ‘neuromarketing’ and how does it help companies hone their product marketing?

E-waste | Dr Elsayed Oraby

The Future Of, Ep 93 | 15:8

Worried about the ever-increasing amount of e-waste going to landfill? Find out how e-waste is being recycled to remove the rare metals that are worth a fortune.

Visual Effects | Dr Stuart Bender, Brendan Seals

The Future Of, Ep 92 | 34:35

As visual effects technologies advance and audience engagement changes, what could movies look like in the future?

Skinks | Dr Holly Bradley

The Future Of, Ep 91 | 21:15

Love lizards? Learn all about the Western Spiny-tailed Skink, a punkish reptile with a penchant for living in log castles.

Vitamin D | Dr Eleanor Dunlop

The Future Of, Ep 90 | 21:49

Nine out of 10 Aussies have low vitamin D intakes, but why do we need vitamin D and why aren’t we getting enough of it?

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