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The Future Of

The Future Of

The Future Of, a podcast powered by Curtin University, where experts share their vision of the future and how their work is helping shape it for the better.

Meat Alternatives

The Future Of, Ep 26 | 27:20

Australians love their meat, consuming 110kg per capita each year. But it comes at a cost. Professor Dora Marinova and Talia Raphaely discuss the impact of meat on our health and the planet.

Mass Shooting Media Coverage

The Future Of, Ep 25 | 28:56

Mass shootings are rare but gain global media attention. Hear from Glynn Greensmith, a journalist and researcher, who discusses the media’s role and responsibility in covering mass shootings.


The Future Of, Ep 24 | 32:21

David is joined by Professor Kate Trinajstic to discuss modern-day palaeontology, and how ecosystems and species evolve and react to environmental change.

Internet Fame

The Future Of, Ep 23 | 33:16

Digital anthropologist Dr Crystal Abidin discusses the rise and fall of online celebrities.

Understanding Consumers

The Future Of, Ep 22 | 30:44

David is joined by Dr Min Teah and Dr Luke Butcher to discuss how technology has given brands unprecedented insight into consumer behaviour.

Sustainable Buildings

The Future Of, Ep 21 | 26:42

Concrete is the second most-consumed resource on earth but has a big carbon footprint. Hear how Curtin researchers are developing a self-healing and sustainable biocement using natural microbes that could be used in a range of building construction and restoration applications.

The Innovation Ecosystem

The Future Of, Ep 20 | 30:42

How do exciting new ideas become real-world products and services? Hear from Silicon Valley venture capitalist Bill Tai and commercialisation expert Rohan McDougall.


The Future Of, Ep 19 | 34:28

David is joined by Dr Adrian North to discuss how music affects our everyday behaviours and how new technology could shape musical tastes and consumer behaviours in the future.

The Human-Robot Relationship

The Future Of, Ep 18 | 30:50

Will robots take our jobs? Hear from human-robot communication expert Dr Eleanor Sandry as she discusses the impact of robots on our future.

Your Work-Life Balance (LIVE!)

The Future Of, Ep 17 | 40:7

Careers expert Julia Richardson explains the importance and impact of work-life balance on productivity, career development and wellbeing.

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