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The Future Of

The Future Of

The Future Of, a podcast powered by Curtin University, where experts share their vision of the future and how their work is helping shape it for the better.

Geographical Borders

The Future Of, Ep 36 | 36:58

Are we witnessing signs of ‘de-globalisation’? Experts Donna Butorac and Ben Rich discuss globalisation in 2020 and the relevance of geographical borders today and into the future.


The Future Of, Ep 35 | 23:22

Epidemiologists Archie Clements and Christopher Reid discuss COVID-19’s global disruption and how this experience will help us prepare for future pandemics.


The Future Of, Ep 34 | 37:46

With COVID-19 stalling the global economy, what does this mean for jobs? Researchers Sharon Parker and Rebecca Cassells discuss the impact of the pandemic on the Australian economy and how it may reshape the future of business and the workplace.


The Future Of, Ep 33 | 37:28

Are batteries key to a renewable energy future? Experts Jacques Eksteen and Terry Humphries discuss the future of battery technology and the important role Australia has to play.

Space Exploration

The Future Of, Ep 32 | 31:44

Is there life on Mars? Award-winning scientist Phil Bland discusses the mysteries of space and future planning missions to search for clues on the Moon and Mars.

Big Data and Our Health

The Future Of, Ep 31 | 21:54

How do health, economics and supercomputing combine to make us healthier? Professors Suzanne Robinson and Andrew Rohl discuss health economics in the digital age.

Mental Toughness

The Future Of, Ep 30 | 20:9

Mental toughness and resilience are powerful tools for sports stars but can benefit others too. Associate Professor Daniel Gucciardi discusses how employees, athletes and defence personnel can maximise their performance.

Medical Education

The Future Of, Ep 29 | 25:20

Virtual patients who talk, breathe and even vomit, are highly valuable in healthcare education. Associate Professor Michelle Kelly and Dr Zoe Bradfield discuss the role of simulation in educating the next generation of health professionals.


The Future Of, Ep 28 | 25:24

Australia’s catastrophic bushfire season this year has raised a lot of questions. Dr Philip Zylstra discusses the phenomenon of Australian bushfires and strategies we can employ to reduce forest flammability.

Medicinal Cannabis

The Future Of, Ep 27 | 26:59

Chemical engineer Neil Foster and entrepreneur Paul Long discuss medicinal cannabis uptake in Australia and what it means for patients.

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