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The Future Of

Food Security

The Future Of, Ep 9 | 18:54

Drought and climate change are major risks to our food security but so are plant pathogens. Professor Mark Gibberd discusses how scientists are combatting the effects of plant pathogens on crop production.

Social Anxiety

The Future Of, Ep 8 | 17:18

Does your heart race in social settings? Professor Peter McEvoy talks about social anxiety and what's being done to help sufferers now and in the future.

Climate Action

The Future Of, Ep 7 | 22:7

Can we still ‘save the world’? Environmental expert Greg Morrison discusses climate action, the role of scientists and the challenges we face.

Jobs for Humans

The Future Of, Ep 6 | 20:42

Digital disruption, artificial intelligence and automation are transforming the workplace. Professor Mark Griffin talks about the future of work and whether robots will take our jobs.


The Future Of, Ep 5 | 20:8

Many of us are shunning traditional tourist hotspots in favour of immersive experiences. Dr Michael Volgger talks about this shift, the phenomenon of Airbnb and ‘robots in tourism’.

Autism in the Workplace

The Future Of, Ep 4 | 13:54

Professor Sonya Girdler discusses best practice for supporting people with autism at work and shares which industries will see the biggest rise in the number of employees with autism.

Life and Death on Social Media

The Future Of, Ep 3 | 16:27

Media expert Tama Leaver discusses the ethics of online profiles pre-birth and post-death.

Seeking Asylum

The Future Of, Ep 2 | 25:5

Human rights expert Caroline Fleay discusses the future of seeking asylum in Australia.

Memory Loss

The Future Of, Ep 1 | 29:24

Can dementia be cured? Bioscientist John Mamo talks about brain health and memory loss and what inroads researchers hope to make in the future when it comes to dementia.

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