Oil and Gas

While oil and gas continues to power most of our everyday lives – the industry’s environmental impacts are causing more countries to switch to renewable energy. But is this switch really feasible?

In this episode, Amelia is joined by Professor Claus Otto and Dr Roberto Aguilera from Curtin University’s Oil and Gas Innovation Centre. They break down why countries are switching away from oil and gas, how companies are improving production and reducing their carbon footprint, and why the industry will still be relevant in the coming decades. 

  • Transitioning to renewables [00:38]
  • Are we running out of oil and gas? [05:19]
  • Decreasing the environmental impact [08:49]
  • Decommissioning aged facilities [13:11]
  • What is Curtin University doing? [16:04]
  • Alternatives for transportation [18:09]
  • Oil and gas in the future [21:28]

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