NFTs and Digital Ownership

What are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and why have they been selling for millions of dollars online?

In this episode, Jess is joined by returning researcher Associate Professor Vidy Potdar, as well as the Managing Director at Natsoft Consulting, Australia, Srinivas Boyapati, to unpack this mysterious new application of blockchain technology. The two leading experts clarify how NFTs work, why NFTs are being bought for such exorbitant prices and what the future of NFTs holds. 

  • How NFTs use blockchain [00:58]
  • “Charlie bit my finger”: content becoming NFTs [03:51]
  • Impact of the mid-2021 cryptocurrency crash [05:55]
  • Other well-known NFTs: NBA NFT trading cards, CryptoKitties and Disaster Girl [07:46]
  • Natsoft’s new platform will expand how we can create, buy and sell NFTs [11:52]
  • Are NFTs a fad or are they here to stay? [14:47]

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Associate Professor Vidyasagar “Vidy” Potdar, Director of the Blockchain Research and Development Lab, Curtin University.

Associate Professor Potdar is helping to build blockchain technology solutions and accelerate development of proof of concepts and minimum viable products based on industry requests. He has secured more than $1.1 million in external research funding.

Srinivas Boyapati, Managing Director, Natsoft Consulting, Australia. 

Boyapati has more than 30 years’ experience in industrial control systems, operations technology and process automation. Prior to Natsoft, he worked with companies like IBM and Deloitte to successfully execute large ICT projects. He is currently helping to build an NFT solution for a client in India. 


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