Neuromarketing | Dr Billy Sung

What exactly is ‘neuromarketing’ and how does it help companies hone their product marketing?

How do consumer neuroscience technologies like eye-tracking devices reveal what people really think of advertisements?

Innovations in neuromarketing, such as eye tracking devices and biometric wristbands, are helping reveal what viewers really think of advertisements. In this episode, Sarah discusses the cutting-edge area of neuromarketing with Associate Professor Billy Sung. Dr Sung leads a research team at The Consumer Research Lab at Curtin University, and specialises in digital marketing and consumer psychology.

  • What is neuromarketing? [01:00]
  • Who’s using neuromarketing at the moment? [02:15]
  • How does neuromarketing compare with other marketing research techniques? [02:42]
  • Using eye tracking to measure visual attention, pupillometry to measure cognitive processing, and facial expression to measure emotional experience [06:18]
  • What about the privacy concerns related to facial recognition technology? [07:21]
  • How did a graduate of psychological science become a leading researcher in biometrics and neuroscience marketing?  [14:52]
  • What are some examples of the groups or consumers that are using the Consumer Research Lab? [21:46]

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Associate Professor Billy Sung is a researcher in the School of Management and Marketing, Curtin Business School. He holds a PhD in Consumer Psychology and his current research relates to the study of emotion and the application of psychophysiological methods in marketing, consumer psychology, health and robotics. Billy also works on industry projects at the Consumer Research Lab.

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