Mass Shooting Media Coverage

Mass shootings are rare, but these heineous crimes have become a magnet for global media attention. There are growing concerns the detailed coverage is leading to copycat and contagion killings. Recent research also shows a disturbing trend where shooters seek to publicise their beliefs and intentions through media platforms in an effort to gain notoriety and infamy.

In this episode, David speaks with journalist and Curtin University academic, Glynn Greensmith, who is currently researching the ways in which the media handles the reporting of mass shootings.

Mr Greensmith is a lecturer in the School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry. He has a background as a journalist, newsreader, producer and radio presenter and is the current host of ABC weekly show “It’s Just Not Cricket”.

  • What role does the media play in mass shootings? (1:00)
  • Did the Christchurch attack change the way social media operates? (9:36)
  • What changed in the wake of the Port Arthur attacks? (14:31)
  • Media approach to a local shooting vs one that happens elsewhere. (18:32)
  • How does covering a mass shooting affect the journalists themselves? (23:02)

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You can read the full transcript of the episode here.