Land Restoration Through an Aboriginal Lens (LIVE!)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have had a deep connection with the land, or “boodja” as it’s known in the Nyungar language, for more than 60,000 years. 

This episode brings together Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal perspectives on how ancient Aboriginal knowledge of the environment, together with world-leading science, can be used to restore and conserve our land for future generations.

Hosted at the stunning Western Australian Musem Boola Bardip, the talk was part of Curtin University’s annual Research Rumble event – a week-long series of talks that showcase the future-focused research coming out of the university.

Renowned botanist Professor Kingsley Dixon, Director of the Australian Research Centre for Mine Site Restoration, is your MC.

  • Indigenous restoration solutions are critical. What are those Indigenous solutions going to look like?
    • Stephen van Leeuwen’s response [03:00]
    • Heidi Mippy’s response [05:30]
    • Oral McGuire’s response [06:20]
    • Vivienne Hansen’s response [08:50]
  • The ideal Aboriginal leadership model for the journey ahead (Oral McGuire) [13:00]
  • The importance of restoring the spirit of the land (Heidi Mippy) [17:30]
  • Describe what healthy country is (Vivienne Hanson) [21:25]
  • It’s more than planting trees – it’s about restoring the richness within (Stephen van Leeuwen) [26:40]
  • A non-Aboriginal perspective
    • Adam Cross’s response [31:50]
    • Renee Young’s response [34:40]
  • Advanced reseeding technology (Simone Pedrini) [37:30]
  • A farming family’s thoughts on the path ahead (Renee Young) [41:05]
  • Lessons learned in the spiritual aspect of ecology (Adam Cross) [44:00]

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