Legalising Cannabis | Prof Simon Lenton

Could Australia legalise recreational cannabis use while avoiding the same profit-driven pitfalls that have occurred with tobacco and alcohol?  

In this episode, Sarah is joined by Professor Simon Lenton from the National Drug Research Institute to explore how Australia may go about legalising the recreational use of cannabis, learning from the commercial models seen in North America. 

  • Highs and lows of commercialising cannabis [04:31]
  • Cannabis social clubs [07:44]
  • The cannabis profit playbook [11:09]
  • Reducing the risk of drug driving [13:58]
  • Cannabis law in Australia right now [16:31]
  • Finding the middle ground for legalisation [19:00]
  • ‘Things are wrong with the system’ [21:51]

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Professor Simon Lenton has worked with the National Drug Research Institute since 1993 in both research and professional roles. He also works part-time as a clinical psychologist in private practice. 

His research interests include bridging the gap between drug policy research and drug policy practice, illicit drug use and harm reduction, and the impact of legislative options for drugs.

He has published widely on drugs, health and the law and has given advice to a range of government and private organisations, both in Australia and internationally, on evidence-based drug policy and other drug issues. 


Twitter: @NDRIau

Facebook: @NDRIau

LinkedIn: National Drug Research Institute (NDRI)

YouTube: NDRIau

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