Green Hydrogen (Re Release) | Prof Craig Buckley

Is green hydrogen the key to a carbon-free energy future?

In this episode, Jessica is joined by Professor Craig Buckley from Curtin University’s Hydrogen Storage Research Group to discuss the future of green hydrogen and how he and his team are making it a viable energy solution. 

  • The colours of hydrogen [00:45]
  • Using Raman scattering to detect hydrogen [04:11]
  • Is green hydrogen a feasible energy solution? [08:42]
  • Safety of hydrogen compared to fossil fuels [11:01]
  • Using hydrogen to fuel transport vehicles [16:27]

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Professor Craig Buckley,John Curtin Distinguished Professor, School of Electrical Engineering, Computing and Mathematicals Sciences. 

Professor Buckley is Head of the Hydrogen Storage Research Group at Curtin University and is recognised internationally for his work on hydrogen storage materials. 

He is the Australian Executive Committee member on the International Energy Agency (IEA) Hydrogen Technology Collaboration Program (TCP) and is an Australian expert on the IEA Hydrogen TCP Task 40 Hydrogen Energy Storage and Conversion.

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