What does it mean to be ‘gender diverse’? And should gender even matter?

In this episode, Amelia and Jessica are joined by gender and sexuality expert Misty Farquhar from the Curtin University Centre for Human Rights Education. The three delve deep into gender diversity, inclusivity and the right age to transition.

  • What’s the difference between sex and gender? [01:38]
  • Using pronouns properly [05:24]
  • What issues do trans and gender diverse people face? [11:37]
  • The future of ‘gender reveals’ [13:44]
  • Is there a right age to transition and what does it involve? [15:02]
  • Is it time to ‘do away’ with gender? [20:53]

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Mx Misty Farquhar
Sessional Academic, School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry

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