Equity In Education | Prof Ian Li

How do we overcome barriers to education in Australia? ‘In this episode, Alex Foot is joined by Professor Ian Li, Director of the Research and Policy Program at the Australian Centre for Student Equity and Success (ACSES), to discuss the equity landscape in Australian higher education, and how things are moving towards a more accessible system. 

  • What is equity in education and why’s it important [01:35]
  • How does Australia compare globally in educational equity [04:14]
  • How primary and high school impact the equity of higher education [07:23]
  • The TAFE system [17:35]
  • What ‘good’ looks like in the future [23:30]

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Australian Centre for Student Equity and Sucess -  ACSES (formally National Centre for Student Equity)

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Professor Ian Li 

Director of the Research and Policy Program at the Australian Centre for Student Equity and Success (ACSES)

With a background in health and labour market economics, Professor Ian Li is the Research and Policy program at the Australian Centre for Student Equity and Success, where he heads up efforts to find out ‘what works’ in creating a more equitable higher education system in Australia. 

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