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Our children today navigate a world where the boundaries between digital and physicals worlds are increasingly blurred. As they tap, swipe, and interact, Australian parents wonder: How does this digital immersion shape a child's growth? How do we differentiate constructive digital engagement from detrimental? And above all, how do we ensure their safety in this vast digital expanse? In this episode, host David Karsten sat down with Emma Cross to chat about the role of digital technology in early learning.

Do children have the right to technology? [01:28]

What is screentime? Is it really as bad as people say? [10:20]

Data and privacy issues [11:29]

Emma's academic and professional journey [21:58]

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Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Educaton)

Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child)

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Emma Cross

Emma Cross is an early childhood specialist with a commerce degree in management and marketing, and a master degree in early childhood education. She also has experience as a centre director for Australian early childhood service providers.
In October 2022, Emma was recognised as the Barbara Creaser Young Advocate of the Year for her contribution to Early Childhood Education.

Emma currently works as an Associate Investigator at the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child, which Curtin University is one of six partnering Universities. She is part of a team investigating the impact of digital technology on young children’s creativity and connected learning experiences, in partnership with Scitech.

She’s also the course coordinator for Early Childhood Education and Educational Studies at Curtin University. And, she’s studying her PhD, exploring quality leadership practices and positionality in the Western Australian early childhood sector.

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