Disability and the Media

One billion people live with a disability, each with their own unique experience of the world, yet the media still largely portrays people with disability using traditional and inaccurate stereotypes. 

In this episode, Amelia is joined by Curtin University Professors Katie Ellis and Mike Kent, who discuss how disability is a social construct, rather than a medical one. They explore some of the ways people with disability are portrayed in the media, highlighting both progressive and entrenched examples. They also take a look at some of the ways COVID-19 has made technology and daily life more accessible for all people. 

  • COVID-19 improves accessibility [02:35]
  • The social approach to disability [04:41]
  • ‘Charity case’ or ‘an inspiration’ [07:53]
  • Ableism in film and TV [12:00]
  • Progressive representations of disability [14:07]
  • What is audio description? [16:19]

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You can read the full transcript for the episode here.