Cryo-Conservation | Prof Ricardo Mancera and Dr Bryn Funnekotter

Why are experts turning to cryo-preservation to combat plant extinction threats? In this episode, host David Karsten is joined by Professor Ricardo Mancera and Dr Bryn Funnekotter to discuss the role of cryo-preservation for long-term conservation of plant species, asked why this is necessary for industry, and discussed emerging cryo biotechnology that could be a viable alternative to conventional seed storage.

What sort of challenge does plant extinction pose to Australia's unique biodiversity? [01:01]

The role that cryo-preservation plays in preservation of natural environments [ 08:54]

How mining industry and scientists work together to restore degraded ecosystems [17:23]

The wider implications of saving species via cryo-storage [30:11]

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Cryo-Seed Banking at Kings Park, WA

The successful cryo-freezing of Avocado Trees/Seeds in QLD (ABC)

Scientists reviving 32000 year old previously extinct seeds from Siberia (National Geographic)

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Professor Ricardo Mancera

Prof. Ricardo Mancera is a distinguished expert in Biophysical Chemistry and Computational Biophysics from Curtin University's School of Biomedical Sciences. His research delves into the complexities of protein behaviour, enzyme mechanisms, and hydration's role in drug design, advancing medical science and therapeutics.


Dr Bryn Funnekotter

Dr. Bryn Funnekotter leads biotechnological conservation efforts with a profound passion for preserving Australian flora. Based dually at Curtin University and Kings Park, his research focus is to enhance and solidify the use of cryopreservation and plant tissue culture as viable conservation instruments for Australia's unique plant species.

Botanic Gardens of WA Staff Page

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